In this article, we have gathered the Best 5 Trampolines With Basketball Hoop for you to consider. Jumping on a trampoline can be really fun for the entire family. But pair it with a basketball hoop, and double the fun. Trampolines with a basketball hoop will allow you to drill your dunking skill. Your children will also enjoy playing outside.

What we will discuss in this article include:
• The best 5 trampolines with basketball hoop available in the market
• The construction and build quality of each model
• The safety features of each trampoline
• The included items and accessories that come with each model
• The additional features and warranty of each model, if available
• The advantages and disadvantages of each model

Why Trampolines With Basketball Hoops Are Good?
Before we proceed, some of you are probably still wondering why you should get a trampoline with a built-in basketball hoop. Well, over the years, people have tried to put their trampolines next to regular basketball hoops that are put on tall poles in order to train or just have fun. At first, this may seem like a great idea.

However, since the basketball hoop is located outside the trampoline, this also greatly increases the risk of accident. Many people who did this ended up jumping in a dangerous angle and fell outside the trampoline, and got badly injured. In some other cases, the basketball hoop or pole got tipped over and crashed onto the trampoline.

You certainly don’t want any of those to happen to you. Getting a trampoline with an integrated basketball hoop can be a great solution. Since the basketball hoop is actually inside the jumping area and inside the netting enclosure, the risk of injury is much lower. Not to mention that the basketball hoop is much less likely to fall over, as it has been designed to suit the particular trampoline model.

Also, a trampoline with a basketball hoop will be attractive for your children. Many kids nowadays don’t want to play outside. They only want to play video games. A trampoline with a basketball hoop will encourage your children to at least try playing basketball on the trampoline. It can also help them train their basketball skills and dunking techniques while being friendly on the legs and joints.

Now that we have discussed the reasons to get a trampoline with a basketball hoop, let’s see the best 5 trampolines with basketball hoop that are currently available in the market. These models are chosen because of their excellent build quality, useful features, high weight capacity, and reliable warranty.

1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

First of all, we have Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline. It is a very good trampoline that offers a great value for the money. It is not cheap, but it is also not too expensive. That said, the build quality is not to be underestimated. It is strong and durable, and is totally worth the money.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline measures 15 feet in diameter. This is quite large. You need plenty of space in order to place this trampoline in your home. The assembly process is quite intuitive, and the included instructions are easy to follow. But it still requires you to dedicate one or two hours.

It comes with 96 tight coil springs. Each of these springs measures 6.5 inches long. The springs are steel, coated in a rust-resistant finish to ensure their durability and longevity. The frame is made from galvanized steel. The netting enclosure is made from tightly woven polyethylene fabrics that are flexible yet durable. The netting is held in place by foam-padded poles.

Lots of thinking has been put into the design to ensure the safety. There is no gap that may pinch you between the netting and mat. The springs are positioned outside the jumping area, you won’t land on them. Also, the poles are actually outside the jumping area, so you won’t bump into those poles. Even if you bump into the poles, the padding ensures that you won’t get hurt. The trampoline has been thoroughly tested for all ASTM standards.

The included basketball hoop is optional. When installed, it will be just under the top of the netting enclosure. This design will help to ensure that the ball won’t get thrown accidentally outside the trampoline. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is backed by a 3-year limited warranty for the frame and a 1-year limited warranty for the other parts.

– Large jumping area with plenty of room to have fun
– Excellent safety design and features
– Excellent build quality, very durable
– Great bounce
– Decent warranty

– Quite expensive
– Requires a lot of space


- Safety is our #1 priority and our patented no-gap enclosure design eliminates dangerous gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface. By attaching the net at each spring, children are safe from hazardous pinch points and openings
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2. Songmics Outdoor Trampoline 12ft
The second model in our best 5 trampolines with basketball hoop is Songmics Outdoor Trampoline 12ft. Similar to the model that we previously discussed, this trampoline also comes with great build quality and features. But there are some differences. It is also a bit more affordable.

The springs as well as the poles that hold the netting are put outside the jumping area. This design helps to minimize the accident or injury risk. In addition, Songmics Outdoor Trampoline 12ft comes with great accessories. Besides the safety netting, it also comes with a ladder to get in and out easily, a ground mat, a basketball hoop, and even a pair of gloves to help you install the trampoline easily.

All those features are really great. But there is one slight problem. The basketball hoop is designed to be placed on one of the side poles. It will sit just above the netting enclosure. As the effect, if you miss your shot a bit too far, you will end up throwing the ball outside the trampoline. This is a bit inconvenient.

There are actually three size options: 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. You can choose whichever model that suits your home. But the smallest model is already spacious enough to allow you to dunk comfortably without requiring too much space.

The build quality is great. This trampoline comes with a fully galvanized frame which is really strong. It has a very high weight capacity. It can be used by a user of up to 375 lbs just fine without any problem. In addition, the jumping mat is UV-resistant and able to withstand high pressure. So, this trampoline will be able to last for a long time. It is backed by a 30-month warranty.

– Available in several sizes
– Springs are placed outside the netting enclosure for safety
– Great bounce and great durability
– Decent warranty
– Comes with nice accessories

– Fairly expensive
– Also quite large


- SOLID STEEL STRUCTURE: Fully galvanized steel frame for better resistance to rust and corrosion; 6 W-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points for better stability and safety; max weight capacity of up to 375lbs
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3. Springfree Trampoline 13ft Jumbo Round
The third model in our best 5 trampolines is none other than Springfree Trampoline 13ft Jumbo Round. To be honest, it is an expensive trampoline. However, it is worth every penny of the money because of the excellent build quality and safety.

There are actually several options available for this trampoline. You can choose a 10ft, 11ft, or 13 ft trampoline. You can also choose the shape to be round, oval, or square. However, the 13ft jumbo round model is generally the most recommended for playing basketball. It will provide plenty of space.

Springfree Trampoline 13ft Jumbo Round can be left outside year-round and survive. It is really that tough. The frame is made from galvanized steel and is further protected with double powder coats. As a result, the frame is highly rust-resistant and weatherproof. The rods that keep the netting in place are made from composite fiberglass, which is a very lightweight yet highly durable material. The mat and netting are made from UV-resistant polypropylene.

This trampoline is able to handle heavy loads without complaining. The user weight rating is 250 pounds, and the structural load capacity is about 1100 pounds. The legs are very stable. This trampoline is backed by an impressive 10-year warranty.

Springfree Trampoline 13ft Jumbo Round also comes with a number of features that have been specifically meant to enhance the safety. The most distinctive feature is the springless design. Yes, this trampoline is made without any spring. As a result, you don’t need to worry about landing on sold coils or breaking the coils. In addition, the no-gap design between the mat and netting is also great. The rods holding the netting are outside the jumping area.

However, since the trampoline is springless, it won’t be as bouncy as the spring-based models. It is still bouncy and fun, just not with a very high intensity. This also helps to ensure that the user won’t jump too high and risk an injury.

– Available in several sizes and shapes
– Springless design to minimize injury risk
– Great safety features
– Excellent warranty

– Not very bouncy
– Quite expensive


- Springfree Trampoline is the world's safest trampoline featuring no springs, no hard edges, flexible enclosure and a frame where it's impossible to fall on.
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4. Merax 12ft Round Trampoline
Merax 12ft Round Trampoline is a beautiful trampoline. It comes with a bright green color. This trampoline includes a basketball hoop and a ladder. It also has a decent build quality without being too expensive.

The frame and springs all are made from galvanized steel which can withstand various weather conditions. The PVC frame cover also helps to enhance the durability. The jumping mat and netting enclosure are UV-resistant and thick. This trampoline features six W-shaped legs to provide the best stability.

Merax 12ft Round Trampoline is suitable for a user of up to 330 lbs. This is quite hight. It should be suitable for most people, including children and adults. The trampoline is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

The performance of this trampoline is good. Since it is based on springs, the bounce is great. Children will love jumping on the mat. Adults wil also appreciate the sturdy and confident feel. The built-in basketball hoop looks cool. Unfortunately, the basketball hoop is also placed above the netting enclosure, so you need to be careful with the directions of your shots.

– Beautiful design and color
– Decent weight capacity
– Relatively more affordable
– Decent warranty

– Large and not foldable


- We understand SAFETY is your top priority when it comes to children. We attach equal importance to it, too. Merax 12-Feet Round Trampoline features heavy gauge galvanized rust resistance steel construction with a total of 6 W-shaped legs for added stability. Rust-proof design ensures its ability to withstand long term use, even in humid and wet weather.
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5. Jumpsport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package 12ft
Last but not least, we have Jumpsport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package 12ft. This trampoline has been specifically designed for basketball training. Besides coming with a basketball hoop, it also comes with a backboard and a netting guard that extends to the sides of the backboard. So, you don’t need to worry about missing a bit, as the netting guard will prevent the ball from getting out.

The frame is made from pre-galvanized steel. It also has a blue powder coating to enhance the weather resistance. The enclosure has been designed to be installed without any gap from the mat. The springs are located outside the enclosure.

Jumpsport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package 12ft also features the Staged Bounce Technology. This technology is said to enhance both the impact absorption and the bounce performance. As the effect, you will be able to jump high without stressing your legs and joints too much.

Another advantage of this trampoline is that it has been specifically designed to allow easy assembly. The company claims that you can finish the assembly process within 30 minutes. Other products typically require one or two hours, and that’s already with multiple people doing the job. So, you don’t need to worry about the installation at all.

– Easy assembly
– Comes from a renowned manufacturer
– Decent build quality
– Very good bounce

– Low weight capacity
– Large and not foldable


- The Pack includes the Elite Trampoline with Enclosure and JumpSport Proflex Basketball Set
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