As a parent, we want to provide our children with some recreational equipment so they can play and enjoy their childhood. One of the most popular toy that can be played by few people and help children exercise their body is trampoline. There are so many trampolines in the market like Bounce Pro vs Skywalker Trampoline with a set of benefits to offer. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about;
– Are you currently looking for a trampoline
– What are Bounce Pro and Skywalker Trampoline
– How many variants available in Bounce Pro and Skywalker Trampoline
– Which model is made for smaller children
– What Bounce Pro and Skywalker Trampoline can offer to you
– Bounce Pro vs Skywalker Trampoline

Choosing Trampolines
Children needs to play so they won’t get bored with all the school work and in this age, they should be able to spend much time outside the house discovering many positive hobbies and play or interact with their friends. Children are mostly active and can’t stay quiet and we can support their playing time by providing toys suitable for their age which is also important since we can’t let them play with dangerous toys that are not suitable for their age yet.

Among those many interesting toy or recreational equipment available, trampoline is among the most popular because they are simply fun to have in your backyard. They are available in various sizes and shape so even the older siblings or us too can play together. There are so many people liking the sensation of brief zero gravity moment when we jump from the mat and land before jumping again. Not only fun, the activity is also good to help burn some calories as an exercising process.

One of the main issue why some parents are not fine with trampolines is because of the danger since let’s face it, they are not the safest recreational equipment available and as a parent, it is understandable if we are worried about our children safety while playing on the equipment.

However, many manufacturers already answered the demand of making safer equipment by adding several safety features on their products so parents can rest more assured about their safety as long as their age is meeting the product’s requirement.

Just like many toys, while trampolines are not toys, they usually have an age requirements or how old our children must be when they play with the unit. Many trampolines allow children starting from age 3 but to make sure, always check the product requirement and all of their safety features before using or purchasing. Among those many features we need to keep in mind, enclosure is one of the most important because this is what keeping children from falling off the jumping surface.

There are so many options out there when we are looking for a trampoline with all the safety features available and it can consume quite the time to check them one by one while also trying to match the budget we are willing to spend. Some trampolines are made to last longer due to the material choosing but they can be expensive as well. The fastest way to find the perfect trampoline for our family is by looking at the popular brand first for they must have dependable products.

About Bounce Pro
Among those many popular brands, we are sure some of you already heard of Bounce Pro since they are also popular with a huge collection of trampolines in different size. The brand is manufactured by the Sportspower Limited and this company owned several brands under their name; one of them is the Bounce Pro trampolines. We can get their products in many retailers near your place such as Walmart and Sam’s Club but there are also sellers offering their products in online store like Amazon.

Bounce Pro Variants
The brand have so many trampolines in their catalogue so users can choose whatever size and features we need from the product. As for the option, we can pick trampoline as small as a 7 feet size and as big as 15 feet diameter. All of these options are in the same shape which is circle or round and for the standard safety, they are already featured with the enclosure and frame to make sure children will be kept inside the unit when playing. See also : Merax vs Skywalker.

Bounce Pro for Small Children
Since they have so many option, we are picking the example for smaller children that can be placed inside the house if you want to keep an eye on them all the time. The one we choose is their 7 feet variant which is designed for children from age 3 to 10 and already featured with the enclosure to minimize accident and shallow main frame, so they won’t jump too high combined with many soft surface to promote better safety.

Bounce Pro Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, Bounce Pro have a huge collection on their catalogue consisting of many trampolines so the features in each one of them will differ based on the model and what are they marketed mainly for. For this article, we are focusing on trampoline for smaller children which is why we pick the smaller variant and in this product, the safety is even more due to the main purpose and where it should be installed.

The first thing when we need to check on when looking for a trampoline is their safety which is including the material to build the unit and it is great if they have a sturdy material to promote safer play time for our children.
Bounce Pro understand this and choose to use rust resistant galvanized steel frame to make sure that the unit is not only sturdy but also last longer because they will resist against rust as long as the coating is not scrapped from the steel.

This material is also common in trampolines made for outside use where it can be exposed to hot sun rays, rainwater and snow to help the material last for years but since this model is small enough for indoor use, the frame should be able to last longer compared to those installed on our backyard. However, being an indoor trampoline doesn’t mean we can’t install them outside since we are allowed to do so if you prefer.

The next important thing is the spring because they are what makes the trampoline have that elasticity and able to comes back to its former state. The spring is a dangerous part to be exposed since they can harm those who come in contact with them when the trampoline is being used.

To protect the user from being pinched by these springs or accidentally slip one of their body parts between the springs, there is a UV resistant cover to make sure there will be no direct contact.

The last important thing is enclosure because this is the part that are going to protect our children when they jumping up and down above the jumping mat. This enclosure is made from a durable material, UV-resistant PE netting just in case you want to leave them outdoor and are secured with few frame to support the net. Unlike many others, the shape of these frame is in reverse “U” to match the small children theme and are strong enough to catch them when jumping outside the enclosure.

What parents have to keep in mind is the age requirement because this trampoline is made for children with age at least 3 years old and maximum weight of 100 pounds. Additionally, even though its weight limit is 100 pounds, only one children should be allowed to jump at one time in this Bounce Pro 7 feet trampoline.

About Skywalker Trampoline
Since there are so many options out there, it is good to also consider the other option when looking for something because we may have other better option than our initial aim. If you are looking for a trampoline with all the safety features and made from quality material, you have to check on Skywalker Trampoline because they are among the top or leading brand of trampoline in the market with a huge collection and many customers who are already satisfied with their products.

Skywalker Trampoline Variants
In term of collection, Skywalker Trampoline is among the best because they are offering their trampolines in several shapes and not just the round version. In their catalogue we can see trampolines in round shape, square shape, oval shape, and even in rectangular shape. With this many options to go, we can easily find the matching product to suit our need since the place where you will install them will mostly affect the shape of the trampoline as well.

Skywalker Trampoline for Small Children
Because we are focusing on trampolines made for smaller children, in this article we are going to pick the example from the smaller option available which is the 8 feet trampoline and if you are interested on the bigger size, go check them on our Merax vs Skywalker Trampoline here. This small trampoline is designed for children from age 6 and above, so smaller children shouldn’t be allowed to use this model yet but if your children is smaller, there are an even smaller or called “Mini” trampoline for age 3 to 7 years old.

Skywalker Trampoline Features
To make sure Skywalker Trampoline will be able to provide the proper safety when our children is playing on the unit, the frame of this model is made from weather and rust resistant galvanized steel frame construction.
This material will last long even when we put them outside the house for the galvanized will protect the steel inside and prevent them from rusting over the weather and prolonged use. However, what we love the most from this frame is the “W” shape to promote better stability.

As you may already know, one of the most dangerous part of trampoline is the spring because they are continuously moving along with the jumping mat and is important to provide that elasticity. In this part the brand also use rust-resistant springs and the amount of spring is 56 pieces that we have to attach along the rim of the jumping mat to the main frame. To make sure this springs won’t come in contact with our children when they are playing above the mat, there is a cover to close the springs.

This mat will be exposed to sun rays and rain water as well if we choose to install them outside and to prevent them from being worn off by the weather, Skywalker trampoline use a UV-resistant PVC spring pad. As for the jumping mat, the material to make this part is polypropylene which is also UV protected and woven to keep children from slipping while playing and to increase the safety.

The last is their enclosure and unlike many others, Skywalker Trampoline also pay much attention to one of the most important safety feature in this trampoline since they have to be strong enough to be able to keep children from falling off the edge.

To make sure this net is capable for its duty, they use a tightly-woven polyethylene enclosure net which is protected against UV to be useful for prolonged play time.

However, what we love the most about this enclosure is because they are installed inside the inner part of the trampoline or at the end of the jumping mat so it doesn’t include the spring pad. With this, children can be safer for they won’t land above the spring and will be kept inside the jumping mat area only. Additionally, this 8 feet Skywalker trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 175 pounds.

Now, let’s compare Bounce Pro with Skywalker Trampoline. As you may already know, they have a huge collection so the features will be different as well. What differentiate them the most is on the weight capacity because Skywalker trampoline have a higher capacity for the size and more importantly a better enclosure net to properly keeping our children from falling off the edge. Additionally, Skywalker also offer more trampoline shapes in their collection compared to Bounce Pro.

Bounce Pro vs Skywalker Trampoline

BrandBounce Pro Skywalker
Key features- Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame covered in foam for extra safety and stability - Three-arch safety enclosure design gives parents unrestricted visibility of their children - Padded spring cover and UV-resistant jump mat sewn together to prevent contact with springs- Safety Enclosure Included - Full lineup of safety features - The springs are covered with a wide UV-protected, vinyl-coated frame pad for added protection

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All in all, both of them can be a good option if you need a small trampoline for your children. However, we prefer Skywalker Trampoline better because they use a better material for some of the trampoline parts compared to Bounce Pro with a pretty similar price range.

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