Leisure equipment is important to let our children play and enjoy their childhood as well as let them explore new things while playing with their siblings and friends. Trampoline is one of the most popular equipment which will allow their body move freely. Among those many brands or options, Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker are two good trampoline brand you may want to check. If you also interested in these brands, go check them in our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a trampoline
– What are Propel Trampoline and Skywalker
– How many variants do Propel Trampoline and Skywalker have
– What Propel Trampoline and Skywalker can offer to you
– Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker

Choosing Trampoline
Just like what our parents used to do when we are still little; they buy us many sets of playing equipment or toys, now when we have children, we also want to provide them with toys they can enjoy and explore what interest them with their friends and family. Children are generally active thus, they like to move a lot and running here and there catching their siblings and jump up and down in your bed when they are excited.

To let them use the energy in a more fun ways, we can buy them a trampoline that we can install at home or in your backyard where there is more space to jump and land without the risk of bumping into ceiling and walls. Trampoline is a fun and a good way to help children exercise their body and be active rather than being indoor and play with their gadgets all day, moreover, their siblings, friends and even us can play together as well.

No matter how fun a trampoline look, as a parent we are always worry about our children and it is understandable since we don’t want any harm coming closer to them and end up hurting them. Trampoline is not the safest equipment to have and it is true since we have seen many accidents due to the unsafe playing and the lack of safety features available on the unit which is of course worrying despite the fun they may provide.

However, in present day, many manufacturers understand what parents want from their products and then putting several safety features to let parents rest more assure when letting their children playing on a trampoline.
Among those many features, the most important thing added as a protection is the enclosure that are installed on the unit’s rim to prevent children from falling off the surface when they jump too high and land outside the jumping mat which can be very dangerous if not restricted.

Additionally, to be able to provide the best protection for our children when they are playing and jumping above the trampolines, the material used to make the unit must be durable for if they are not, there will be a risk of breaking when used. However, each unit always have a weight limit and minimum age recommendation, so before purchasing a trampoline, it is best to find some information about the product first so we can be sure they are suitable for our children.

About Propel Trampoline
With those many things we need to consider when looking for a safe trampoline for our children, it will take some efforts and time to select among those recommended items. If you need to do it quickly, one of the fastest way is to choose from a well-known name because they already have a lot of users and mostly also able to provide a trusted quality for both performance and safety. Among those many brands, Propel Trampoline is a good one to check.

This brand have a collection of trampolines in their catalogue and they are not as many as other brands but already covering both those for smaller children and those for youth users. Propel Trampoline is a popular brand and they are not a new name anymore. The catalogue also not only offering the trampolines but possible replacement parts so we can easily change them when they are already worn off after being used for a long time. They also offer accessories for those who need more equipment for the trampoline.

Propel Trampoline Variants
Currently, Propel Trampoline have 8 trampolines in the catalogue and they are both small size that can be used indoor and those large 15 feet size that should be put on our back yard.

The smallest option will be 7 feet size for smaller children but if you want those used for fitness, the brand also offer 3 feet smaller trampoline size without an enclosure because other variants or sizes are all featured with the enclosure net to provide the proper safety.

The one in our sample picture above is the 7 feet size trampoline which is clearly made for smaller children and it is already featured with net enclosure. Since there are many other sizes in their catalogue, each of their specification will be different depend on the model, but for this article, we are going to give you the information for this model only. However, while the detailed specification may differ, the material used and general features are going to be the same.

Propel Trampoline Features
One of the first thing we need to check when looking for a trampoline is the frame because they are the part that are going to be supporting the whole unit and our children when they are jumping up and down. Propel Trampoline didn’t specify clearly what material they used to make these frames but it seems to be a steel and are very sturdy when installed properly. Many users also stated that their frames able to keep the trampoline stable while being used.

The frame of this trampoline is in “W” just like many other brands out there and this design is good to keep the balance of the whole unit even while being used. The unit won’t include securing feature like wind stakes, so if you need to put this one outside and living in a place where the wind can get quite strong, we recommend you to also purchase the stake to keep them from being blown away because it may harm some of its parts.

The next thing Propel Trampoline highlight from their trampolines is the springs because just like many other similar units, this is one of the most important part that create that bouncy texture and flexible surface which is fun to jump at.

As for the 7 feet size, this model have 40 springs while the next size have 48 springs and the biggest 15 feet size have as many as 98 strings installed on the rim of the jumping mat with the main frame.

This springs are made from galvanized steel which is also commonly used as a material for other equipment installed outside because as long as the coating is not broken, the steel inside will stay at good condition even when exposed to rain and sun. The springs may not rust but flexibility is another issue which is why we will need to change them when used for several years already to make sure they can still give a good performance.

The next thing we need to check when looking for a trampoline is the enclosure because it is an important safety feature we must have when purchasing a trampoline and Propel Trampoline products are mostly already featured with the enclosure. The height of their enclosure is about 62 inches from jumping mat to top thus, children won’t go crossing the net when they jump. There is also something special about the net frame.

Some trampolines let their net frame unprotected and when children jump too far, their body can hit the hard frame and it may harm them. To avoid such concern, this trampoline net frame are covered with an impact-absorbent material so when children hit their body against the frame, they won’t feel it as hard. The amount of frame in 7 feet size is 4 and they are attached to each one of the feet for maximum locking.

The last is safety pad which is placed above the springs and this is also a very important feature to have whether the trampoline have inside or outside enclosure because the springs are dangerous when the mat is moving and small children can stuck one of their body parts on its gaps if not covered.

About Skywalker
When the option is a lot, there is nothing wrong with looking for another alternatives or options because then we can compare them and see which one of these option can give the best benefit for us or offer more value for our money. If you are looking for a trampoline with all the safety features available and made from quality material, the other option will be Skywalker which is also very popular and almost always listed in best trampoline recommendations. Read also: Bounce Pro vs Skywalker Trampoline here.

Skywalker Variants
The brand have a wide collection if not the widest because they offer many type of trampolines ranging from those made for exercising activities to those made for leisure equipment. Besides offering their trampolines in different sizes that range from 3 feet to the biggest 15 feet, Skywalker also offer trampolines in different shapes not only round or rectangular for there are also oval and square trampolines available to choose. The benefit of this much option is we can pick the one match with our place easier.

Smaller trampolines can be used indoor and since the users will be children, we don’t have to worry about them hitting the ceiling as long as we leave enough space for them to jump. The brand have many trampolines but in this article we will pick those for smaller children in 8 feet size and can be installed both indoor and outdoor according to how much space you need.

Skywalker Features
Just like Propel, Skywalker also use a durable and sturdy frame to make sure they are able to take the whole weight limit of 175 pounds. This frame is also in “W” shape and they are galvanized steel so they are going to stand weather when put outside and won’t rust even when exposed to moisture thus, our children can still play it until they are no longer a children anymore as long as they never exceed the weight limit.

As for this 8 feet size model, Skywalker give it a set of rust resistant springs that are seems to be made from the same material like the frame and it is good to prolong the life of these springs until they are no longer flexible.
The amount of springs they use for the trampoline will also affects its performance and with 56 springs, the surface will be much flexible and fun to jump in compared to those with lesser springs. However, more springs also means more works when assembling.

These springs will need to be covered to protect children or users when playing or jumping on its jumping mat. Skywalker do use more springs but it doesn’t mean there is zero gaps between them and even without gaps, these springs can harm people by pinching the skin if come in contact while there is someone playing on the unit. The trampoline use an inside enclosure to keep users from the springs and a cover to make sure users are properly protected.

Additionally, as for the enclosure net frame, this 8 feet size is using 4 frames and all of them are covered with a soft material or covering to make sure children won’t get hurt if accidently bumping into one of those frame. Skywalker recommend this size for children above 6 years so toddler is not suitable with this one.

Now, let’s compare Propel Trampoline with Skywalker. As you may already knew, both of them are using durable material to build their trampolines and enough safety features to properly protect their users. The prominent difference between them is on the amount of springs included to each size because Skywalker use more springs even when compared to Propel in the same size.

Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker

Key features- Zippered privacy Entrance ties open or closed. Trampoline is not included - 3 screened windows with adjustable covers,Weather resistant walls protect play area- Skywalker Skywalker Trampolines 14-ft. Round Trampoline with Enclosure -, Blue, Polyethylene, 14 ft. - The new Stay-Put safety enclosure net design attaches at each spring, eliminating gaps between the mat and net so you're guaranteed not to fall off.

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All in all, the difference between both shows that Skywalker will have a better bounce than Propel. Their price is also different and Propel is indeed more affordable but, if you have no issue against the budget, we are highly recommend you to pick the Skywalker trampoline because they offer better experience.

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