Trampolines have been around for decades now and still a very popular backyard play equipment today. While they have some risks, parents still buy them for their children for various reasons including the increased safety. If you need the trampolines that have all the required safety features, Skybound Stratos vs Cirrus can be a great options. Both of them are very similar due to coming from the same manufacturer but are also different. If you are confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose a trampoline
– What are Skybound Stratos and Cirrus
– What Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Look Like
– How good are Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Frame Quality
– How good are Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Bounciness
– How good are Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Enclosure
– Are Skybound Stratos and Cirrus safe
– Skybound Stratos vs Cirrus

Choosing Trampoline
In the present day where even smaller children already playing with computers and smartphones, the time used to play outside are increasingly reduced and we see generations completely concealed themselves in their room when they grow older. It is a fact that we as parents see everyday but as children growing, they will need to exercise that body to be healthier and one of the best way is to provide them with some fun activities or toys that they can do around the house.

Many of us have pool for recreation and light exercise but if your backyard only have lawn, a trampoline can be a great equipment to have for your children. The outdoor play equipment will provide so much fun for your children while they jump up and down the mat which is also useful as an exercise movement.

The movement will help our children increase the heart rate and shed some weight which they may get from consuming many fast foods. Additionally, we can even play with them, making it a bonding moment as well as a healthy activity.

However, trampolines is not the safest play equipment available and we must aware of the risks when providing our children with the equipment. The first thing is smaller children with age below 3 are not allowed to use trampoline and when looking for one, we have to consider all the safety features thus, our children can play more safely and to prevent the possible injury. Another thing is the placement since it can also affect the safety of our children like hard surface or tall trees above the unit.

On the trampoline themselves, the things we need to check before purchasing are the safety pads that covers their springs and if the springs are designed to prevent entrapment or other injuries. A secure frame is also important to keep the whole unit stable even when our children jumping up and down on the mat.

Additionally, one of the most popular safety feature is the enclosure to keep users from falling off the edge when they bounce back and can’t control the position.

About Skybound Stratos and Cirrus
There are so many options out there when it comes to find the best trampoline for your budget and have all the safety features which is why we need to check them one by one. Since there are so many of them, it is good to start from the well-known name like Skybound because a popular name will mostly also offer a dependable products. This brand also have a huge variants of trampolines to offer with a varying price range, so we can pick the one matched our budget.

Among those many options, Skybound Stratos and Cirrus can be a great model to pick if you are looking for a trampoline that have all the safety feature and unique design to offer. Both of these models are very similar to each other though they are from different model. However, if placed according to level, Cirrus is a lower model than Stratos and while Stratos have several size to offer, the other model only have one size which is the 14 feet size.

Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Design
From the sample picture above, we can see that both of Skybound Stratos and Cirrus have a similar design to each other. The frame of these trampolines are in “W” shape consisting of several frames depend on the size and a bent enclosure poles to keep the net from sagging. The enclosure type for these models are also inside the outer edge which is great to keep children from falling or jumping outside the jumping mat though they are already featured with covers as well. Read also: Merax vs Skywalker Trampoline here.

Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Frame
As it has been mentioned above, when looking for a trampoline, one of the most important thing to check on to first is the frame and for Skybound Stratos and Cirrus, these two models are coming with “W” frame matching their size. These frames are made from metals and what’s unique here is they are coated with powder coated to make sure that these frames will last long even when installed in your backyard where they are exposed to various weather like hot sun rays and rain waters.

The company even give a 10 years warranty for these frames to make sure they are going to really provide a long life. These frames also provide an enough space to allow the jumping mat have a room to make the user jump back and bounce. Some trampolines can be mounted on the ground but in term of ease of use and install, the regular trampoline like these two are the easiest and consume less energy to get ready, moreover, it can be moved easily as well.

Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Bounciness
The next important thing is the mat because this surface will provide that flexible texture for children or any users to jump and apparently, the manufacturer doesn’t provide enough information about the material used. However, they seems to offer bounciness level based on the model that can be affected by the springs as well that we are going to talk later. The material might be the same but the weight limit is different since Cirrus can only take up to 220 pounds while Stratos can take up to 330 pounds.

The level of bounciness will differ between Stratos and Cirrus and it is probably mainly affected by the springs since the prominent difference between these models are the amount of springs they come with and the size of the springs.
The Skybound Stratos model will come with 96, 8.6-inch springs while the Cirrus trampoline with the same size only comes with 72, 7-inch springs. As it has been mentioned above, these differences seems to affect the bounciness of these trampolines.

The Stratos model with longer and more amount of springs combine with a high quality jumping mat will provide an even better bounciness, so when placed or tested side by side, the users in Stratos can experience a better flexibility than those in Cirrus. However, both of them are still similar, so we don’t think that users will be unsatisfied with Cirrus even though this model have less length and less amount of springs since the jumping mat quality is still the same.

Additionally, even though these parts or springs will be covered later, it is still important to use a high quality material to help it last for years to come since worn off springs will also reduce the level of bounciness users can experience. To make sure it will last for a long time, both of Skybound Stratos and Cirrus trampolines springs are plated with yellow zinc which is rust resistant as long as doesn’t removed from the plating or exposed to marine environment.

These springs are necessary to provide the bounciness and are among the thing we need to keep an eye because it can cause some injury when come in direct contact with our children for the springs are strong and may pinch the skin hard as well. This is why both of Skybound Stratos and Cirrus are already coming with a cover to protect these springs so they won’t come in contact with the users. To make sure the cover will last long, they are made from high quality PVC.

Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Enclosure
To protect children or other users from jumping or landing above these paddings, both Skybound Stratos and Cirrus are coming with an inside enclosure net when you purchase the unit. These net shape is also a bit unique because unlike many other trampolines that already coming with the enclosure net which commonly straight upward, these two are having a shape of concave. There is no evidence that the shape will benefits users better than those straight enclosure but it is indeed looks better.

In quality, these enclosures in both trampolines models are well made because they are very sturdy to catch children when they are jumping up and down the mat, so they won’t fall off the trampoline. To make sure the material will be able to stand a longer exposure on the outside, compared to many other similar material, Skybound Stratos and Cirrus poles can withstand UV degradation from the sun’s harmful rays better. The net itself are attached directly to the mat’s V-Rings to avoid any body parts come in contact with the steel.

They may look very similar but since Stratos is an upper models which is more expensive than Cirrus, the enclosure is also better in this model. Cirrus trampoline have a high-density 100g/m2 enclosure net while Stratos is even better with 120g/m2 concave safety enclosure net. The concave enclosure is also affected by the pole or enclosure frame which instead of straight, it comes in a curved shape. However, there is no evidence yet if this type of design will provide a better protection for children or able to elevate the level of protection.

The benefit may come from the space between the poles and net so when children caught by the net, their body won’t come in contact with the pole that may cause some injury since these pole are also sturdy.

The “W” shaped main frame is cylinder and the enclosure frame is also cylinder, so we don’t need to spend much time attaching them one by one on the main frame because they can be directly attached into each leg socket.

Between these two models, the amount of enclosure pole will also differ because Stratos model will come with more poles than Cirrus. Unlike Cirrus that only have one pole to install for each frame, Stratos model will have 2 for each frame. This different amount of poles may also affect the safety of these trampolines because the more the poles, it means that the concave enclosure can be kept firmer compared to those with less poles to secure the enclosure net.

Assembling Skybound Stratos and Cirrus
Assembling a trampoline will consume quite some time and unfortunately, not all of us are fond of spending much time reading a manual back and forth to figure out how to install or assemble the unit. Thankfully, Skybound made an easy to understand manual for all users and they even take the brackets, screws, pole caps and bolts out of the package and replace them with push-pin bolt technology which is easier to use and attach, reducing the tools and time required to complete the process.

Skybound Stratos and Cirrus Safety Standard
To make sure Skybound trampolines are meetings a certain safety standard to help parents rest assured when their children is playing on the unit. Both of Skybound Stratos and Cirrus have been extensively laboratory tested and certified to meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards and requirements including all the features above like the UV durability, maximum user weights and multitude safety tests. All the safety features are included except accessories like ladder but the brand also offer them if your children need it.

Now, let’s compare Skybound Stratos with Cirrus. As you may already know, the prominent difference between Stratos and Cirrus is on the springs because Stratos comes with longer and more springs than Cirrus which results in more flexible jumping mat. Additionally, Cirrus only have half the amount of enclosure poles than Stratos which making the net not as firm as what we can get on the other model while the net quality is also better in Stratos model.

Skybound Stratos vs Cirrus

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Key features- Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame covered in foam for extra safety and stability - Three-arch safety enclosure design gives parents unrestricted visibility of their children - Padded spring cover and UV-resistant jump mat sewn together to prevent contact with springs- Safety Enclosure Included - Full lineup of safety features - The springs are covered with a wide UV-protected, vinyl-coated frame pad for added protection

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All in all, both of them are a good trampoline to pick. However, if you don’t have issue against the price, we will highly recommend you to pick Skybound Stratos because this is a higher model and will be able to give a better experience than Cirrus.

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