Trampoline can be a fun leisure or play equipment to have in our backyard to let our children play with their siblings and friends. It also an active equipment which will let them move their body, making it good for their growing bodies. If you have a rectangle yard, Upper Bounce vs Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline can be a great choice to pick. Go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and which brand will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
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– What are Upper Bounce and Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline
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– How are the safety of Upper Bounce and Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline
– Upper Bounce vs Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Choosing Trampoline
Children these days are getting less and less active each day due to the abundant source of entertainment they can reach by just sitting in the couch or laying in their beds. Childhood is supposed to be spent playing and learning new things with their friends and family and by keeping them active, they will be able to burn the calories they take from eating various foods that may not be very healthy which can be the cause of obesity that also threatening many children today.

As a parent, we want them to live a healthy and happy life and it is actually not easy since children also have their own preference and taste. One of the best way to promote their active life is by providing them with interesting toys or leisure equipment which is fun enough to attract their attention. Among those equipment, a trampoline can be a great option because if they used to jump up and down in their beds, now they have an even better equipment to release their energy.

Many children love trampoline and it is understandable because the unit will let them have a brief moment of being floated in the air by jumping from its mat and then land again in a soft surface. However, we also have to admit that trampolines are not the safest equipment to have when considering the injury it can cause such as from falling off the unit when they can’t properly land on its jumping mat that can be quite dangerous depend on the height and surface.

To make sure trampolines are safe for children, their manufacturers are featuring several safety features to make sure their product can help children avoid the possible injury may happened when playing on the unit.

Those safety features are mainly the same from various brands but the quality may differ from each other which is why we have to properly check them first before committing into one brand or model. Among those safety features, enclosure net is probably the most important to catch children when they didn’t land properly on its mat.

Beside the safety features, what we need to consider when looking for a trampoline is the size and shape because they are going to be decided by the space we have. Round shape is probably the most popular option but we can always choose the one matching our space such as rectangle or even oval to maximize the jumping space, moreover, if we want to let more than one child play together.

About Upper Bounce
Due to the huge amount of trampoline brands in the market, it is understandable that sometimes we get confused about which to choose or getting tired from reading so may reviews on what other people have to recommend. One of the fastest way is probably selecting based on the popular brands because well-known name usually have many dependable collection we can check on to such as those from Upper Bounce. This brand is among the most popular with its high quality trampolines to offer.

Upper Bounce Variants
Upper Bounce also have a huge collection that cover several types of trampolines we may need ranging from those made for sport or fitness purpose to those big trampolines that we can install in our backyard and played together.

To ease customers, the brand separate their products into several categories consisting of kids trampoline, round trampoline, rectangular trampoline, and mini rebounder which is a fitness trampoline along with parts or accessories we may need to change from time to time after a certain amount of time being used.

The one in our sample picture above is the Upper Bounce Rectangular trampoline and this shape is great for those who have a wide or rectangle shape backyard and want to maximize the space they have with as much jumping space as they want. Users may have different circumstances in our house so it is better to pick the one that match the location where we want to put them rather than just looking at their aesthetic. Additionally, it seems that rectangular trampoline may also provide higher jump compare to round ones.

Upper Bounce Rectangular trampolines are available in various sizes which is good for we can have some options to further fit our space. The one in our sample picture is the biggest size which is 10 x 17 feet size but there are also smaller sizes like 8 x 14 feet and 9 x 15 feet. Depend on the size we pick, the features or parts that comes with the unit will differ as well but, most of the main features will be the same.

Upper Bounce Material
The first thing we need to check when purchasing a trampoline is material used to build the frame because we need them to be strong or sturdy enough to take the maximum weight and secure the players while they are jumping above the mat.

Upper Bounce is using a black coated steel frame and for this biggest size, they even add another one frame to make sure they are safe and secure. The coated frame is especially good to prevent rust and help them last longer even while being installed outdoor.

The next thing is its bounciness which is affected by the springs and jumping mat material. A rectangular trampoline is said to be able to promote higher jump than its round type since it allow all jumps to rebound equally so no matter where we jump in a rectangular trampoline, we can expect the same bounce with its equal height and power. For the springs, this trampoline uses a rust-resistant 7-inch, 108 springs in total with maximum weight of 500 pounds.

As for the jumping mat, Upper Bounce uses premium PP material with 8 row stitching to prevent them from tearing and durable enough for years to come. Additionally, this mat is also UV and water resistant with the rest of the parts to allow it being used safely for a long time.

Upper Bounce Safety
On its safety side, what we need to know first is the safety pad which will covers the springs. This trampoline also use a high quality durable material to prevent any related injuries but since this is an inside enclosure model, chances children are going to land above the pad is also smaller compared to outside enclosure model. If the padding is good, the next is the enclosure itself that is a necessity to keep the players inside the mat even when they are not landing properly.

There will be 10 pole to secure its enclosure net and just like many other good trampoline, Upper Bounce also cover these poles with foam to make sure when children is bouncing towards the net, the impact will be reduce and the slight bent near the top part is good to provide a space between the net and frame to reduce the chance they bump into them accidentally.

About Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline
Since the amount of trampolines in the market is numerous, it is good to go check on other brand or model first before deciding on one of them since we never know if the other option can offer better capabilities than our initial choice. If you are looking for a trampoline that is designed with safety in mind and made from high quality materials, Skywalker may also have what you need and because their collection is huge, we can choose from a wide options. Read also: Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker here.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Variants
What we love the most beside the quality product from this company is the shape it can offer since not only round and rectangular trampolines, they also offer both square and oval trampolines along with mini round for those who need them for exercise their body. Among many other brands, Skywalker which is founded in 2004 is leading in term of option so customers can pick the one that will match their space or preference better without having to look for another brand.

If you want the one that can provide a constant height and bounciness no matter where you want to jump and land, Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline can be a good option and it is also great for those with space matching the shape. The one in our sample picture above is rectangle trampoline in 8 x 14 feet but they do have two bigger sizes available; 9 x 15 and 10 x 17 feet which is the biggest size available and can take half more of its smallest size.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Material
Just like Upper Bounce, Skywalker rectangle trampoline parts will also differ from one another depend on the size yet most of the features will remain the same. The largest size itself can be used by adults and perfect for families to enjoy together in their backyard. The frame is made from steel which is strong enough to take maximum weight of 350 pounds for the largest size while the smaller ones can takes up to 200 pounds. There will be 4 frames here and they are not “W” size.

On its spring material, this trampoline is using a long 8.5 inches springs, 88 in total to create a supreme bounce that we can enjoy together made from rust-resistant steel which is good to make sure they are going to last for a long period of use.

Its coating is even gold colored that claims to be able to prevent rust better while compared to other traditional trampolines, this one springs is 50% longer and made from a thicker steel.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Safety
Another thing we love from Skywalker is their safety standard because while it is not required, their product are tested for safety durability to meet or exceed ASTM standards so parents can rest assure about the quality. Its patented No-Gap enclosure is also a beneficial to keep children with smaller body parts to prevent them from slipping between the enclosures and jumping mat which may cause some injury such as scratches and pinching or other related injury while also eliminating the need to thread ropes.

Even when the enclosures have no gap, the springs will still need to be covered for they are dangerous when exposed to people for there may hurt them when accidentally touch, moreover, if there is someone playing on the jumping mat. To keep them away and safe, there is a spring pad that can be used reversible and made from a thick UV-resistant PVC material on both sides to provide better safety when children climbs up and off the unit.

What’s unique from Skywalker Rectangular trampoline is the enclosure frame on its biggest model because if other trampolines use individual poles, this one is coming with arched frame which locked individually into the mainframe through T-sockets. However, it seems that smaller sizes still used the slightly flex pole complete with the cover to prevent users from bouncing into hard steel.

Now, let’s compare Upper Bounce with Skywalker rectangle trampoline. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these brands is on the amount of springs come with the trampoline because Upper Bounce use more springs than Skywalker yet they are shorter than what used on the other brand. If translated into performance, it is believe that the longer the springs, the better it can bounce. Additionally, even in the same size, Upper Bounce weight limit is higher than Skywalker; 500 compared to 350 pounds.

Upper Bounce vs Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

BrandUpper BounceSkywalker Rectangle Trampoline
Key features- The new EASY ASSEMBLE/DISSEMBLE enclosure poles feature - NO COMPLICATED HARDWARE NEEDED - 6 Heavy Duty W-shaped legs, Capacity Weight: 330 Lbs. - The Easy Assemble/dissemble Enclosure Poles Feature- Skywalker Trampolines has taken that design benefit one step further by adding an extra-thick 12-gauge frame and two different sizes of springs which provide a more robust bounce. - This trampoline features Skywalker Trampolines' unique safety features, such as the patented No-Gap enclosure system, T-socket construction, exterior facing springs, padded enclosure poles and extra-wide vinyl-coated spring pad. - Rectangle shape provides Two sizes of springs work together to provide a robust bounce 12-gauge frame for added stability and a higher ASTM-approved weight capacity than similarly sized trampolines (250 lbs.) - Features T-bracket frame construction adds stability and eliminates structural twisting Patented No-Gap enclosure system interlocks net and jump mat at each spring, eliminating dangerous gaps

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All in all, both of them can be a good option depend on your preference. However, if you want to have the one with a better bouncing ability, we will recommend you to pick Skywalker rectangle trampoline because of its longer springs, moreover, it is also affordable.

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