Trampoline is one of the most popular playing or leisure equipment we can purchase today for our children. They are a very fun equipment to have and since they are also available in various sizes, all siblings can enjoy them together. There are so many option available for high quality and safe trampolines such as Upper Bounce vs Zupapa Trampoline. Both of them are offering dependable products yet also different. Go check our article below to see how they differ from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a quality Trampoline
  • What are Upper Bounce and Zupapa Trampoline
  • How many variants do Upper Bounce and Zupapa Trampoline have
  • What Upper Bounce and Zupapa Trampoline are made from
  • Are Upper Bounce and Zupapa Trampoline Safe
  • Upper Bounce vs Zupapa Trampoline

Choosing Trampoline
Children are naturally very active and this is why they seems to can’t sit tight and always running here and there chasing their siblings and play with the house pets like dogs or cat. To let our children enjoy their childhood, as a parent we want give the best we can get for them and it is not surprising to see many parents showering their children with many toys and other leisure equipment to make them happy like in birthdays or in Christmas.

Before picking any toys or leisure equipment, one of the most important thing is to consider if they are able to play them yet or not because each toys should have a proper age requirement just to be safe. One of the most fun leisure equipment to have in your house or backyard is a trampoline because they can allow the users to jump up and down the surface easily and enjoy that brief moment where our body is on the air.

Even imagining it sound so fun, moreover, when we try them. Trampoline is versatile and not only children can use them since each one of them usually have a quite high weight limit, making teenagers, adults and older people can also play with them as well if they want. One issue about the equipment is their safety because let’s face it, jumping above a trampoline with a flexible surface is not the safest activity to do with the risk of falling and bumping into things.

Manufacturers today also understand our concern and try to offer a far safer trampolines compared to many other older version and now we can get them easily from various brands featured with all the safety features we need to make sure our children is safe.

They have features to help children won’t fall from the unit or bumping into things when they jump and land as well as good quality construction to help securing the unit properly. Their price may vary and not all expensive brands will be better than its affordable rivals.

When looking for a trampoline, there are things we need to check or look first before deciding on a unit. It is covering the safety features and they must already have the enclosure if you don’t plan to do additional purchase along with springs pad to put a cover above its moving springs when used because they are dangerous if not covered properly. Additionally, we may also find those with proper padding on frame and good material to make sure they are able to support the whole unit.

Not all trampoline are made equal and it is our first task to find the one that may suit or preference the most or fulfilling our standard on how a good item should be. In the market, there are so many options to pick and not all of them will deliver the same experience which is why we have to check their capabilities first. One of the fastest way to narrow down those numbers is by looking those from well-known or popular brand because most of them are offering good products.

About Upper Bounce
Among those many manufacturers or brands, Upper Bounce is one of the best with so many quality products in their catalogue which is not only having a good performance but will also be supported by their service since we will never know what happen when using a product for years so it is also important to include the service quality when looking for something that we need to last for a long time like a trampoline.

The first thing we like from Upper Bounce is their quality because as a customers, we always want to get the best quality possible for our budget.

The company understand this by never skimping on their quality of raw materials and also during the manufacturing process of their trampolines to offer parents and other users a safe products that will last long and able to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Upper Bounce Variant
On the collection Upper Bounce  is also not falling behind many other big names out there because their catalogue is consisting of several types of trampolines. Currently, the brand offer trampolines both for younger users and older children as well as covering trampolines for adult who want to use them for fitness activity. Additionally, they are not offering only round trampoline for option but also have rectangular shape for those who prefer the type or have a location that match the shape better to maximize the jumping surface.

The one in our sample picture above is the round variant and for this shape, we can choose in many different sizes from 7.5 feet until the biggest 16 feet size which we can play together in our backyard. For the rectangular variant, the option available from 8 x 14 feet up to those from 10 x 17 feet that are all featured with their own enclosure.

Upper Bounce Material
Since there are so many of them, each one of their detail features and specification will also follow the model, so not all of them will be the same but as for the material, most of them will stay similar. For our article we are choosing the 15 feet size which is big enough to be used by few people at once because this size weight limit is high up to 330 pounds thus, children and parents may play together above the jumping mat.

Just like it has been mentioned earlier, one of the most important thing when purchasing a trampoline is their frame or construction because they need to be made from quality material to be able to support the whole unit and Upper Bounce use rust-resistant galvanized durable powder coat steel for their frame. This material is common yet are good to make sure the frame won’t rust and reduce its capability over time, moreover, if they are installed outdoor for they will be exposed to sun and water.

The next thing we need to consider is their spring because this part is what making the jumping mat able to be that flexible and the more we have them, the more flexible or smooth and strong its bounciness so it relates directly to how much we can enjoy the trampoline. In this side, the amount of spring will also differ from one size to another but as for the 15 feet model, we will get 96, 7.5-inch springs we should use to connect the rim with jumping mat.

Besides the springs, its jumping mat will also affect the performance since each brand may use different materials for their jumping mat.

Upper Bounce itself is using high quality PP mesh material with 8 row stitching to provide both extra security and long lasting performance to deliver the best performance for the users.

Upper Bounce Safety
Beside the material used, safety is just as important to decide if this trampoline is safe for our children. The first safety feature is the enclosure net secured with 6 poles which already coming with the unit and help protecting our children so they won’t fall off the jumping may when not properly landing after a jump. The next is springs pad to cover the moving springs and for better safety, this cover is thick with double rubber ties that hold tightly into its frame.

About Zupapa
There are so many other options in the market and before we decide on something it is best to look for other product first for we may find a better feature or better quality and price to offer. If you want a high quality or premium trampoline, the one brand you need to check is Zupapa trampoline because even while they are still a newcomer in the market, their quality are already attracting so many new users with their collection. Read also: Zupapa vs Skywalker Trampoline here.

Just like what parent’s first concern about buying their children a trampoline, Zupapa understand that we are looking for a safe item that can be used as a leisure equipment for the family without scarifying the safety side.

This is why the company’s all trampolines are TUV certified which is a German business that will provide companies with inspection and production certification services thus, all of them are properly safe and meets or exceed the minimum requirement for both quality and safety.

 Zupapa Variant
As for the variant, Zupapa separate their collection into two line called Saffun and Safump. Both of them are very similar to each other but distinctly tell apart by how they put the enclosure net because Saffun is using outer enclosure while Safump is using inside enclosure that are separating the spring pad with the jumping mat. For the size option, the brand have a narrower collection with trampoline start from 10 feet up to 15 feet with no mini size as an option.

Zupapa Material
The one in our article is the biggest 15 feet size but it has several lower sizes as well so please note that the amount of frame or springs may differ according to the sizes. Since frame is among the most important part on a trampoline, Zupapa use 6 real heavy duty galvanized steel frame with 42mm diameter and 1.5mm thickness which is stronger than many other frames out there so we can rest assure on how good they can support the maximum weight of 375 pounds.

Another thing we love from this brand trampolines is they are usually using more springs or their jumping mat and for this 15 feet size, they are going to give it 108 pieces of galvanized springs to provide more flexible surface and higher jumping experience which is also more than many other brands that only comes with 96 springs. The galvanized material is also good to help the material stay longer against the weather just like its main frame.

For the jumping mat Zupapa use a durable material from polypropylene with UV protection to help keeping them stretchy and durable along the years.

What’s good here is they will also give customer a rain cover to protect the already UV-protected jumping mat so it won’t get wet and worn off faster when installed outside for it can also be exposed to rainwater and snow.

Zupapa Safety
On the safety side Zupapa trampolines are already featured with their own enclosure net and it is good to keep children or adults from being thrown off the jumping surface and this net is secured with 6 poles that are secured in each one of the main frame. To lessen the impact when someone bump into its frame, they are also wrap in a thicker material.

The last safety feature is their spring pad which is used to cover the springs from coming in direct contact with users and in Saffun model they are inside the enclosure while in Safump like in our sample picture above they are outside its enclosure. Other additional accessories included are wind stakes and ladder to help smaller children climbing the trampoline.

Now, let’s compare Upper Bounce with Zupapa trampoline. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is the amount of springs included since Zupapa has more springs in their 15 feet size. This brand also offer both type of enclosure net installation; inside and outside while Upper Bounce only install them inside. Additionally, Zupapa already include wind stake, rain cover and ladder in the package if you also need them.

Upper Bounce vs Zupapa Trampoline

BrandUpper BounceZupapa Trampoline
Key features- Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately - Designed with a Top Flex Pole Enclosure System, Net runs through the top ring to ensure maximum stability and a stronger and longer life span - Constructed with heavy duty Black-coated steel for extra durability and Ultra bounce- [Longer Lifetime] Employs Hot-dip galvanizing process make Zupapa trampoline metal parts last for decades. UV absorber uv-9 was added to material, extend the trial life to two years. - [Safer Jumping Mat] New Upgraded Zupapa Trampoline equipped with No-gap jumping mat which eliminates the gap between the jumping mat and the spring pad, that make its safety higher than the most of other trampolines, and even higher than TUV standards. - [Higher Quality] The product total weight, boxes are NOT included, 15FT: 192 lbs. 14FT: 184 lbs. 12FT: 164 lbs. It’s much Heavier than other trampolines, which means more steel is used for Zupapa Trampoline strength and durability.

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All in all, both of them are a good trampoline made from quality material to choose. However, if we are to pick, we will recommend you to choose Zupapa because they have more springs and made with tougher frame as well as already coming with the additional accessories we may need.


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